Reverse Shoulder Replacement Patient

" Dr Anand Jadhav is an excellent surgeon who carried out very successful shoulder replacement operations on both shoulders of my mother-in-law, one of which was reverse replacement operation. Dr Anand Jadhav is a rare combination of thorough professionalism, humility and ethics so sadly lacking in today's medical profession. He is indeed a role model for budding doctors and I wish him all the very best in life."

Major General Deepak Saxena

Hand Surgery Patient

We landed in Pune when my 11 years son’s right wrist was terribly angulated (more than 40 degree) due to inappropriate plaster fixing by the HOD of Fortis, Bangalore. We knew Dr. Anand as a family friend who was there with us whenever we needed support. However when we approached him for fixing the wrist, he was NOT very keen for us to travel that far as it was NOT considered an usual case, according to him. But my son’s hand was precious. However, we insisted because we were perplexed with very much skewed opinions when we approached various maestro’s in this field in Bangalore including Apollo and HOSMAT.

Finally after looking at the condition, Dr. Anand suggested the hand to has to be fixed with few pins (whereas in Bangalore many were in an opinion to put a plate and take it out later – that would have costed us more money and time and pain for my son to have 2 surgeries, to put and remove a plate, instead of going for intricacies of inserting pins). My son had experienced discomfort while anaesthesia for the first time hence Dr. Anand took personal care of appointing a senior anaesthetist as well to comfort my son and the operation was performed successfully.

Once the operation was over, Dr. Anand was extremely helpful and ALWAYS there to suggest anything that we needed support for. We came back to Bangalore after a week. Dr Jadhav had changed the plaster and shortened it for the ease of my kid, so that he could manage during school days. After 6 weeks when the pins were removed, we found the wrist has been straightened completely. It has been 5 months now since we opened the plaster cast – my son seems to have forgotten the story of breaking his wrist and being under plaster cast– except the visible scars, there is no change in his routine and non-routine activities.

I am extremely glad that we met Dr. Anand Jadhav and GOD helped us to take the decision to go to him and get my son’s hand operated and get his help. I hope all the doctors should follow his footsteps of NOT guiding patients towards something that generates wealth for hospitals, which is NOT very healthy practice. Thank you Doctor!


Bilateral Knee Replacement patient

This testimonial is to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding professionalism, attention to detail, and skills of Dr. Anand Jadhav and his team during the knee replacement surgery we had for my mother. She was suffering from acute arthritis in both her knees and it was with great difficulty that she was able to walk for a long duration and also painful in climbing and stepping down through stairs when needed. I started consulting some of the well known orthopedic consultants in Pune and also visited Sancheti and Aditya Birla Hospitals for possible remedies.

After a long homework and consultation through some of the senior orthopedic surgeons available in these facilities and with all the necessary X-Rays and other tests, we decided to go ahead with the bi-lateral TKR to remove the challenge completely. Due to her old age and being also a sugar patient, we were bit worried about the actual surgery and the post surgical effects. It was during these times, I also consulted Dr Jadhav and explained our medical need and existing apprehensions.

Dr. Jadhav spent all the necessary time to educate us about the existing conditions of her disease, the treatment needed, procedure he would be performing including common side effects and uncommon but serious complications. While I am not a medical professional for an authoritative comment on his technical ability, as a patient my mother has experienced an excellent results and care during surgery period and also post-operative care than I expected. My overall experience has led me to believe that Dr. Jadhav is an exceptionally skilled surgeon and also a very caring medical professional. I believe that this level of attention to detail, which probably goes unnoticed, is an example of the outstanding care given by him and his core team especially including the Physiotherapist Dr Sonal, who also made sure her recovery was quick and smooth post surgery. Another exceptional care was through his other core team member Dr Hemant Kulkarni and who took extreme care of my mother's entire diabetic schedule and sugar levels which were needed to be in control before and post surgery.

My deepest thanks to Dr Anand Jadhav for being a very caring and wonderful medical professional and also his entire core team for giving best care during the entire procedure. Not to mention my mother now walks completely comfortable and also dose not have any issues in using stairs as she completes two years of her sucessfull surgery.

For any discussions, I can be reached at




I am so indebted to this doctor. I have been suffering from repeated shoulder dislocation from 2007. I had tried so many things, you name it I have tried. Physio, ayurvedic, homeopathy, chiropracter, osteopath, etc... Met a number of surgeons in India and abroad. I wasn't convinced any of the doctors understood what the problem was.

I was in Pune in 2012, met Doctor Anand Jadhav. He made the right diagnosis and recommended reconstruction. I was absolutely convinced with what he proposed. I was claustrophobic and so worried about the anasthesia, etc, etc. He allayed all the fears, comforted me, gave me the confidence that everything will be all right after the surgery.

I eventually underwent the surgery. It has been 6 months now and I feel I have got my shoulder back. More than anything else the doctor is always reachable even during midnight. Duly answered all my doubts through SMS. I have been feeling very fortunate to have found the right doctor at the right time. If you have shoulder problems dont even think twice. Meet the doctor and you'll be relieved of all that.

- Ramkumar Ramagopalan

Knee Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Patient

I, age 27 years, went through a left knee arthroscopic ACL reconstruction with Hamstring Tendon Graft under Dr. Anand Jadhav on 30 July 2011 at Ruby Hall Clinic.

Dr. Jadhav's ability to build a comfortable & trusting environment to bank upon was indeed remarkable. Overall it was a good experience & I would strongly recommend Dr. Jadhav for similar surgeries.


Kiran Punjabi

Total Knee Replacement Patient

My mother, age, 58 years, went through a right knee TKR under Dr. Anand Jadhav on 15 Nov 2013 at Jehangir Hospital. Despite being a senior doctor & having enormous years of experience, I personally experienced, Dr. Jadhav is down-to-earth by nature & was easily approachable as and when required.

Not only did he help resolve all my mother's queries prior surgery but also gave her confidence by reducing her pre-surgery anxiety levels. The entire procedure was handled with such skill and professionalism, that my mom was able to walk almost independently in 3 weeks’ time post surgery. She is now able to enjoy her daily morning walk(s), which she had stopped almost for 2 years on account of her knee pain. I couldn't have asked for more - Thanks!


Kiran Punjabi

S.N. Roy, Principal, Aurangabad


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